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Handling Service Errors

Any time the Twilio Service encounters a problem, it will send an XML document back to the client detailing the problem, as well as providing a link to more information on how to solve it. When this happens, TwilioClient will throw a TwilioClientException, which inherits from System.Exception. TwilioClientException has two additional properties that will be helpful in troubleshooting the API call:
  • RestException - the response from Twilio in the form of a TwilioRestException object
  • PostedObject - an XmlDocument with the serialized data that was sent to Twilio.
The TwilioClientException can be handled through standard .NET error handling techniques, and processed accordingly.

    // do something
catch (TwilioClientException ex)
    // do something about Twilio
catch (Exception e)
    // something else has happened

More Information

Twilio Response Formats

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